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December - Word of Warning about Solar System Design

As a manufacturer of components we don't usually get involved with the complete design of systems but we have seen examples of systems that have encountered problems due to design issues.

One did not use a BMS, which was recommended by the battery manufacturer, and the batteries were damaged and another had a BMS but no protection on the load and it was damaged. In both cases, no checks for compatibility or initial testing was done.

Our general advice is to make sure when designing or purchasing a system that has multiple components from multiple manufacturers that care should be taken to make sure that the components are compatible, that if the system has expensive batteries and loads that it makes sense to protect them and that the system should always be tested in a 'safe' environment before going live.

Although it is impossible to protect against everything, we have our MIHV range that we recommend (or an equivelant) be used with our MPPT's and BMPPT's to provide an extra layer of protection.

December - GSL RBC-12 approved by AL-KO as compatible with their ESC

Customers should check the software version on the end plate of the unit or on the pre-sale packaging for the (RBC)R12R1 version. 

February - GSL products, manufactured in Sydney, certified to use the Australian Made and Owned logo.

After an exhaustive application process GSL Electronics are proud to announce that they have attained the Australian Made Licence for many of the products that are designed and manufactured in our Sydney factory and those products have been certified to carry the Australian Made and Owned logo.

Although have been competing for 22 years in a market that is full of imports, we take pride in the level of Australian Content we achieve.

We keep our overheads low in order to provide great products at reasonable prices and, although we don't spend huge sums on flashy advertising, we continue to grow through 'word of mouth' and the dedication of our distributors.

For a full list of the certified products, please visit our page on the Australian Made website:

December - *Now Available* 22A  DC to DC Voltage Booster Battery Charger
Next Generation Topology- Higher Current Smaller Size than our competitors products. 
10% more power and 15%-58% smaller. (Compared to similar products of size and power from competitors websites)

The new NGBC1222 is a feature rich 22A DC to DC voltage booster battery charger offering unique features such as automatic solenoid bypass for emergency jumpstart, automatic sensing and compensation for large voltage drops on input wires and external thermal compensation sensor just to name a few.
All this in a small (32.3mm(H) x 71.5mm(W) x 162mm(L)) weatherproof package that can work up to a ambient temperature of 70°C.
For more details follow the link NGBC1222
August - Updated Warranty and Return information on the FAQ page
August - New Product Release - Dual Battery Monitor
Don’t get caught out undercharging or overcharging your dual battery setups again with the GSL Electronics Dual Battery Monitor.
 tl_files/automotive-products/Dual Battery Monitor.jpg
Key features include:
• Accurate to ± 50mV, this dash mounted monitor will not leave you in the dark about your charging states again.
• Visual indications of Low Battery charge when lower than 11.00V and Over Voltage over 15.00V.
• Auto dimming display for low light conditions with out the need for a extra wire to the vehicle.
• Measurements displayed both in 0.01V increments as well as a bar graph.
• Can be used in both Dual Battery mode or Single Battery mode.
• Supplied with easy attached velcro (so no drilling required!).
July - Customer Testimonial (Dave C from Rainbow Power Company)
... we have been dealing with GSL for many years now ...
Never had any problems in all those years. Your products have always been reliable, I could count, on one hand, all the failures we have experienced out of the thousands of fluro inverters we have sold.
So your record is very good.
Dave C
World’s first 24V Electronic Brake Controller

tl_files/news/EBC.jpgThe Electronic Brake Controller range is a new generation of controllers utilising microprocessor based technology. It is a compact, rugged, and easy to install, with the simple connection of four wires and securing the mounting bracket supplied. The Controller is easily adjustable via the front display with simple up/down controls.

The two models currently available also incorporate an emergency over-ride slide lever for manual control. They are designed for both single and dual axle trailers using negative earth (ground) systems only.
They are available in 12V & the new 24V version eliminating the need for a separate reducer on 24V systems.

March - Next generation REC launching soon

The new GSL Electronics Reducer/Charger (REC) will be available in mid-2012.  The unit is used in golf carts, electric cars, forklifts or where ever high voltage is available. This will provide a stable 12V or 24V source for running appliances such as car stereos, GPS or cigarette lighter sockets when brought as a reducer.

When fitted as a charger it will provide a 12V or 24V battery charging from High Voltage sources.

Key specifications for the REC are:

•    Input voltage increased to 90V;
•    Output voltages 12V & 24V;
•    Lithium based batteries charging capability;
•    Voltage and Current display option.

If you would like further information please give us a call or email us.

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January - BMPPT Solar Boosters commence production

Following extensive consultation with customers, GSL Electronics’ newly developed range of BMPPT Solar Boosters has entered production at its Sydney, NSW.  BMPPTs increase the voltage from connected PV panels.  This may be required where the output voltage (to a battery or load) is higher than the panel voltage.

The BMPPT Solar Boosters are available in a range of power options (maximum rated outputs of 60W, 150W, 800W and 1,500W) and commercial production of the units has begun, starting with the 60W and 150W units which are now available for sale.

Product Information Here

January - New Solar Charge Controller (BMPPT) for lithium batteries

tl_files/news/new-solar-charge.jpgGSL Electronics has been working with suppliers of the latest industrial lithium batteries to develop an MPPT which is optimised for use with the latest in battery technology.  The BMPPT Solar Booster (BMPPT 60) which has a maximum output of 60W has had modifications to its on-board software to ensure maximum charge performance with lithium batteries.  The new unit has undergone extensive trials with a major Australian supplier of industrial lithium batteries and is now available for sale.

Product Information Here

- GSL Electronics celebrates 20 years serving Aussie customers

tl_files/content/lindsay.jpgIn January 2012, GSL Electronics celebrated 20 years of servicing Australian customers with power electronics products that they have come to rely on.  According to Lindsay Jones, Managing Director “Our policy of continual investment in product development has helped us keep abreast of changing technology in automotive and emerging solar power markets.  Innovationin product design has won us a number of awards and I firmly believe that the spirit of innovation, which is so much a part of the Australian ethos, will enable Australian companies like ours to continue to not only succeed, but to triumph in this ever changing and evolving world.”

A big thanks to our loyal customers, distributors, stockists and our staff who have made GSL Electronics a part of their lives.