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*Discontinued* MPPT12-2P

tl_files/solar-products/MPPT12P.jpg*Discontinued* 400W Maximum Power Point Tracker Battery Charger For 12V or 24V Batteries

Built using our years of solar charging knowledge the MPPT12-2P is capable of using 200W of Solar
Power on 12V Battery systems and up to 400W on 24V Battery Systems.
This is up to twice the power of the previous MPPT12-2 with nearly no increase in size.
Also featuring full encapsulation to improve robustness and ability to withstand harsh environments and handle external conditions.
Maximise the output of your small arays with our MPPT12-2P.
Suitable for single or double portable or fixed panel systems upto 55Voc.
Built with charging regimes for Vented and Sealed batteries. Along with Dawn to Dusk load switching and Low Voltage Disconnect built in. It is hard pressed to find a feature that is not built in.

MPPT12-2P Installation Sheet



*Discontinued* MPPT12-2P


Maximum Output Current

12A at 12V


Maximum Input Panel Power

400W with 24V batteries
200W with 12V batteries


Input Voltage

16V to 55V


Battery Voltage



Typical Efficiency



Monitoring & Control

Yes (Basic)


Dawn to Dusk, LVD

or Remote Control



PV Short and Surge Protection



Thermal Protection



Dimensions [LxWxH]

126 x 75 x 35 mm

Design and specifications may change without notice.