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*Discontinued* LMS2025 - High Voltage LED / Luminare Driver & MPPT Solar Battery Charger


End of Life Product - Information for archival purposies only. 

Designed specifically for solar lighting applications the LMS2025 is a one stop device for charging and driving high voltage LED lighting and their attached batteries.

Combining our award winning MPPT charger with a stable constant current LED Driver. Built to run a LED lighting/Luminaires 0.45A at voltages from 15V to 55V from a 12V Battery with 95% efficiency. Coupled with keeping a battery charged from a 200W panel (maximum Voc of 55V) also at 98% efficiency (typical).

All of these power packed features fit into a small form factor measuring just 170mm x 175mm x 40mm making it compact and capable of fitting into the tightest of situations.

The driver has a digital remote wire allowing the light to be switched off. Via either a grounded switch  or attached to a Light Sensor Switch connected to ground to enable the light to be turned on or off automatically at night time.


LMS2025 Installation Sheet


Additional features that can be considered (MOQ Applies):

Dimmer via external controls

ON/Off Dawn to Dusk Controls

Variable Current settings

LED currents from 0.1A to 2A @ 15V-80V

Remote alarm

Higher panel voltages up to 90V






40W to 200W Minimum Vmp = 15V Maximum Voc = 55V
Batteries 12V
LED 0.45A 15V-55V
Efficiency (MPPT) 98% (typical)
Efficiency (LED Driver) 95%
LED Current Regulation -/+ 2%
Quiescent consumption 20mA