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PWM Controller SR1212
MPPT 12-2P
MPPT 12-1 / MPPT 12-2
MPPT 30-1 / MPPT 30-2
MPPT 60-1HV / MPPT 60-2HV
MPPT 60-1 / MPPT 60-2
BMPPT 60 Booster (Voltage Booster)
BMPPT 150 (Voltage Booster)
BMPPT 250 (Voltage Booster)
BMPPT 800 (Voltage Booster)
BMPPT 1500 (Voltage Booster)
MCM (Control Module with PC GUI)
High Voltage Disconnect
LMS - High Voltage LED Driver/ MPPT

*Disconinued* BMPPT800

tl_files/solar-products/MPPT30-1.jpg*Disconinued* Maximum Output 800 Watts

   •   Use when required output voltage is higher than PV voltage
   •   Designed to charge 24V batteries from 12V panels or float
        charge 48V batteries from 12V or 24V panels
   •   LVD functionality out of the box
   •   Support for MCM connection
   •   Minimum Vmp of 14V, lower upon request, MOQ applies
   •   Maximum Voc of 54V
   •   Up to 800W of input power
   •   BMPPT800L is optimised for charging lithium batteries

BMPPT800 Installation Sheet




*Disconinued* BMPPT800


Maximum Output Current


14A at 58V


Maximum Input Panel Power


800W with Vbat/Vmp≈2
400W with Vbat/Vmp≈4


Input Voltage


14V to 54V (See Note 1)


Battery Voltage


24V / 48V or programmable 14V - 58V via MCM and GUI






Monitoring & Control


Yes (full via MCM)


Dawn to Dusk, LVD

or Remote Control


Yes programmable and enabled via MCM


PV Short and Surge Protection




Thermal Protection




Dimensions [LxWxH]


220 x 177 x 67 mm

Design and specifications may change without notice.
Note 1: The panel’s open circuit voltage must always be lower than the battery charge voltage.